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Credit Report Cleaner
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the initial steps after I purchase Credit Report Cleaner?

The first step is live contact with your CRC Consultant. That can be through a telephone call, a web cam conference or in person.

Next, a direct assessment of your credit report situation. We get you a copy of your credit report and analyze it.

The next step is to set an achievable goal and time frame. Though it is impossible to predict precisely how long it takes to lift your credit score to your goal (there are many factors which must be addressed) Our system is the fastest and most efficient. The results are permanent and the procedures we use are completely legal. We follow the letter of the law to the highest degree.

The third step is to print out your plan and begin creating the documents for you. This is the most important part because CRA's (Credit Reporting Agencies such as Equifax, Trans Union and Experian) hate to make changes on behalf of consumers. Thos agencies make the process difficult to say the least. But our experience and success guarantees you the fastest results as long as every single step is followed according to the hundreds of rules the CRA's have established. We save you endless hours of frustration and worse, the pain of not achieving your result of a great credit score. We stand by you and with you and hold your hand from start to finish.
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List Of Answered Questions
Do I have to reveal my personal details such as Social Security Number to my Credit Report Cleaner Consultant?

No you do not. CRC prides itself on the security of your data and your personal details. Discretion is our most important guarantee. We take all the proper and special steps to achieve your goals without compromising your data.
How long does it take to see results?

This is a very difficult question because for each client there are a different set of factors. In spite of the claims of other companies who promise results in 30 days, we feel that to maintain your trust we must tell you the total truth.

The truth is, some clients will see negative items removed in the first 30 days. BUT, this is not typical. Your CRC consultant will produce critical forms and documents for you to mail in the the credit reporting agencies. Those forms are always up to the minute for accuracy and follows all the ever changing rules for deletion request submissions.

Then for each individual item requested to be removed from your report, the agency has up to 30 days to remove the item or seek more information from you.

You must then inform your CRC Consultant who will then produce the proper response to the agency.

Some items such as bankruptcies take longer to remove than others. When you receive your initial consultation, your CRC consultant will give you an expected time frame. However, it is no guarantee for how long a particular entry on your credit file will take to be removed.

Typically, it takes from 30 days to 150 days to remove the most stubborn entries. But you will know all that at the beginning of your process.